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What is RSS?

In present-day world of million web sites, it´s difficult to follow all incessantly updated information. Wouldn´t it be easier if you got your chosen news directly into your computer instead of endless clicking from one web page onto another one?

RSS enables us to see always the up-to-date content immediately as it appears on chosen web. You can get the up-to-date information, articles, sound recordings, photos or videorecording in one place from more sources after they are published. You can get it, of course, without the need to search it on certain web sites.

There are many debates about what the abbreviation RSS means, but most people proclaim that it means “Really Simple Syndication“ . RSS news are a special case of www page processed to be understood by computer itself. Imagine them as a coded message which is freely delivered to everyone who asks for it through the internet.

RSS hasn´t been used by all web sites so far, but its popularity has been increasing. RSS is used mostly by press pages like CNN, New York Times, BBC, but also by the majority of Slovak press servers.

We have prepared RSS news with the articles about the happenings in our region and in our hotel, but also those which will inform us about the news in offers for our guests. You mostly get the information about the most adventageous offers of our services. Imagine that in the morning you´ ll find last minute weekend stay for a good price. Well, this is also one of the things being prepared for you, our guests.

How can you use RSS news?

You need RSS reader to be able to use RSS news. There are many different RSS readers on the net and most of them are available for free. We recommend you to use the connection RSS news reader or RSS feed in your favourite Internet Explorer. After installing the reader in your computer, you´ll decide what part of RSS news you want to take. If you click on the orange button with lettering RSS, there will be RSS displayed and processed for Internet Explorer.Just put down the address for taking the pages in your RSS news reader. There are many ways how to do it, but it depends on a particular reader. For example, copy the line displayed in your internet searcher into the RSS news reader. The details can be found in section help of every RSS reader.

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